This is the place to learn more about Poluyrethane Foam Insulation and Coating Systems.




This video by Texas A&M provides a brief description of the benefits associated with an SPF (Sprayed Polyurethane Foam) roof system.

This clip from the History Channel gives a brief overview of the history, benefits, and science behind SPF systems.


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This presentation shows just a fraction of the projects that we have done throughout the years.
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Comparison of Built-Up and Foam Roofing Systems PDF
In making the decision to go with a Built-Up or a SPF roof system, there are several factors to consider other than immediate cost. This case study by Texas A&M University outlines the decision making process and describes the many ways an SPF roof system ultimately won out over a Built-Up system.
What is a Polyurethane Spray Foam System? PDF
A brief overview of the SPF roofing system, plus 10 practical, cost-saving benefits of deploying such a system.
VFI Polyurethane Foam PDF
This brochure describes the strengths and energy savings of our rigid foam SPF application.
VFI-540 Aluminum Coating PDF
This is the highly reflective, extremely durable, energy saving coatings that we apply on top of our foam roof installations.
Contractors Guide – PUF Performs in Hurricane Hugo PDF
SPF Roofing systems are highly durable, as proven in this article. Reprinted article from the February 1990 issue of Contractors Guide
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