The following are just a handful of the rave reviews we have been receiving from SPF clients about their foam installation:


“The only way I know to create trust is by laying out your values and then walking the talk. You’ve got to do what you say you’ll do, consistently over time.”
Jack Welch
Chairman and CEO
General Electric Company

“Texas A&M University has been using SPF roofing systems for over twenty years and today the A&M system has over 8 million square feet of successful SPF roofing applications.”
Phil Haas, IAA
Facilities Planning
Texas A&M University

“In 1990 we chose to re-roof the 900,000 square foot Ford Sheldon Road plant with an SPF roofing system. We are very satisfied with our SPF roof and haven’t experienced any problems or maintenance costs since the installation. We have realized a decrease in energy bills from $876,000 annually to about $412,000.”
M. M. Forester
Plant Engineer
Ford Motor Company

“We chose the GE Silicone Roofing System because we simply cannot afford to have roofs that leak.”
Rick Pribnow
Facilities Engineer
Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City

“The polyurethane silicone roofing system is an exceptional value, offering tremendous energy savings and very low maintenance. Our stores that have this system have not experienced a single leak.”
Thomas Kelley
Buildings Operations Manager
J.C. Penney Company

“Company-wide, callbacks on foam roofing in comparison with other types of roofing is the lowest.”
James Special
(The largest roofing contractor in America)

“SPF roof systems have the longest documented performance periods of any insulated roofing system. Silicone coated systems have a proven performance record in excess of 20 years.”
Dr. Dean Kashiwagi
Del E Webb School of Construction
Arizona State University

“For years I’ve heard from roofing experts that there are problems with all roofing systems. After applying over 6 million sq. ft. at this location I can state there are virtually no problems with the SPF/GE Silicone Roofing System.”
Ray Oaks
Facilities Engineer
GE Appliance Park

“A very small number of spray-applied polyurethane foam roofs were investigated, but the performance was outstanding…they do not exhibit a tendency to progressively fail after being impacted by missiles, and they appear to be quite resistant to water leakage after missile impact.” (Investigation of roofs impacted by Hurricane Andrew)
Thomas L. Smith, AlA, CRC
Professional Roofing. December. 1992
Director of Technology & Research for NRCA

“After an internal audit of 2.5 million square feet at twenty different locations, it appears the SPF/silicone roofing system has stopped all occurrences of leaking in every location.”
Facilities Engineering Department
Texas Instruments

“As one of the leading manufacturers of SPF roofing systems, we have had the pleasure of serving as the national representatives of the GE Silicone Roofing System since 1985. GE’s commitment to quality has helped us set the roofing industry’s highest standard of customer satisfaction.”
Thomas Sparks
Chairman and CEO
Polythane Systems, Inc.

“We apply virtually all roofing systems and the SPF/silicone system easily has an unsurpassed performance record.”
Jamie McAdams
Vice President
F. J. Dahill (110 year-old roofing company)

“The SPF roofing system is the only roofing system that can offer a seamless insulating membrane, and at a price that is highly cost effective in comparison with conventional systems.”
Lawrence Fancinello
Engineering Department
Tootsie Roll Company

“There now is sufficient evidence to demonstrate that SPF roof systems – when properly installed – can perform side by side with any roof system.”
William Good
Executive Vice President
Nat’l. Roofing Contractors Assoc.

“I have worked with built-up asphalt, single-ply and SPF roofing. SPF is far superior to other roofing systems…”
Robert T. Stetson, P.E.
Staff Facility Engineer

“With a decent recoating schedule – it’s best to recoat when pinholes first appear – a foam roof can last for decades.”
Dick Fricklas
Technical Director Emeritus
Roofing Industry Educational Institute

“SPF roofing systems appear to have a very high degree of sustainability.”
Dr. Rene Dupuis
Structural Resources Inc.

“You can take ‘roof leak’ out of your vocabulary with a properly installed SPF roof. I know, we have well over a million square feet of SPF throughout our company.”
AI Fisco
Manager of Corporate Construction
American Greetings Corporation

“Our operations are located right on Lake Michigan, providing us with some of the nation’s most severe weather conditions. Despite the yearly thermal shock, our SPF roofs continue to keep us weather-tight on over a million square feet of roof area.”
James Rumford
Maintenance Foreman

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